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Want to elevate your brand?

We make custom socks wholesale for everyone. Our custom socks are made with organic, combed cotton and can be ready in a week. Choose from a variety of designs and styles for truly unique, epic socks.

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How We Create Our Custom Wholesale Socks

We believe that socks should be comfortable and durable. That’s why we use the finest materials to construct our socks.

Here’s how we make our socks:

Ribbed stitching

We use rib stitching to ensure that your socks stay in place.

All-day comfort

Our socks have reinforced heels and toes to provide all-day comfort.


We use 200 needle construction for added durability.

Our socks are built to last, so your branded custom socks will continue giving you a return on investment for years to come.

Sock Materials

Our socks are made with the highest quality combed cotton blend that’s ultra-soft and breathable. Our blend consists of:

  • ✔️ 80% combed cotton
  • ✔️ 17% polyamide
  • ✔️ 3% elastane

Our Custom Socks Benefits

Why buy custom socks wholesale?

Unique ✔️

Choose a personalized design and style. No two sock designs are alike.

Useful ✔️

Give swag that people will use. We all need socks. Why not make them awesome?

Durable ✔️

Our custom socks are made from premium materials and built to last.

How To Choose The Best Custom Wholesale Socks For Myself

Buying custom wholesale socks is different from buying socks off the store shelf. Not only is the design unique, but the fit and comfort will also be different. When choosing custom wholesale socks, keep the following points in mind:



To be comfortable and supportive, your socks must be the right size. Make sure that you understand how sizing works and what’s available. For employee gifts or swag, you’ll want to purchase a variety of sizes to cater to everyone.



The last thing you want is to buy uncomfortable socks, especially when you’re buying wholesale. Comfortable socks will be made with premium materials that are breathable, flexible and durable. Reinforced toes and heels will keep you comfortable all day long.

Material Quality

Material Quality

Consider the materials used and the construction of the sock to ensure it will meet your needs. The higher quality the materials, the longer the socks will last.

Our Products

We offer a variety of wholesale socks for printing:


  • Athletic Crew:
    Ideal for athletes or active people. These socks sit above the ankle to provide additional support.
  • Ankle:
    Another favorite of athletes and active people, our ankle socks sit just above the ankle, exposing some of the sock.
  • No Show:
    Our shortest sock style. As the name suggests, no-show socks are hidden in your shoes and can’t be seen.
  • Crew:
    One of the most versatile and popular sock styles, crew socks sit halfway up the calf. If you’re not sure which style to choose for your wholesale socks, you can’t go wrong with crew socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production time of our custom socks?

We pride ourselves on offering a quick turnaround time for our custom socks. Our production time is 10-14 days, with delivery time included. Your new custom socks will arrive at your doorstep in two weeks or less from the time of your order.

What are the minimums for custom socks wholesale orders?

Because we are a wholesale custom sock manufacturer, we require all customers to purchase a certain number of socks. If you’re purchasing custom socks in bulk, our minimum quantity requirement is 100.

What can I change in my brand new custom socks?

Our custom stocks truly are custom. You’re free to change just about anything. Add a logo. Change the color, or use a special design.

Our team will use your brand’s color and logo to create a unique design board with up to 8 designs to choose from. Review your designs, and change whatever you want. We offer unlimited free revisions to ensure that you absolutely love your socks.

How to care for your custom socks?

Proper care will keep your socks looking their best and help them last longer.

Rather than just tossing your socks in the wash, we recommend:

  • Washing your socks inside out and with cold water
  • Avoiding using harsh chemicals (like bleach) when washing
  • Hang drying
  • Folding your socks instead of rolling them

We also advise against ironing your socks, as the heat can damage the design and material.

Will your custom socks fit me?

When ordering custom socks in bulk, it’s important to make sure that you get the sizing right. We are happy to create socks in any adult size. Sizing works in a range of four sizes (e.g., 6-10 or 9-12), so they are one size fits most. If you have a unique sizing need, reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Need Custom Made Socks Wholesale?
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Custom socks are the perfect gift for employees and a great addition to swag bags at events and trade shows. Not only are they fun and useful, but branded socks are also great for branding and marketing your business.

If you’re looking for wholesale custom socks in bulk, place your order today! We’ll create a unique design that’s ready for your review in as little as 24 hours. In addition, we offer a 10-14-day turnaround in the USA for our custom socks, ensuring that you’re ready for your next big event.

Sock Specs

1. Rib Stitching
You’re socks are staying in one place

2. Super High Quality
Combed Cotton

3. Reinforced Heel
and Toe

Built to withstand the long day

4. 200 Needle

80% Combed Cotton
17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

Produced from the best combed cotton