Custom Ankle Socks

We offer plenty of sock styles to choose from. One of our most popular selections is custom ankle socks. Simply send your order, including your logo and colours, and we’ll put your socks into production.

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Why Choose Ankle Socks?

Why Choose No-Show Socks

These socks fall somewhere between no-show socks and crew socks. They come up just above the ankle, exposing some of the sock above the shoe but nearly as much as a crew sock would.

Why Choose No-Show Socks

Depending on the shoe, you may be able to even hide the socks entirely while still enjoying the added support this style provides. In other cases, you can pair the socks with shoes that allow them to be exposed to achieve a certain look. In this way, they’re extremely versatile.

Why Choose No-Show Socks

Ankle socks are perfect for pretty much any situation, including casual wear, formal events, athletic activities, and more.

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Sock Features

We make our custom socks with the very best material. Our process and technology ensure the end result is a sock you’ll love.

Made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane for a soft and comfortable material.
Reinforced in the heel and toe to prevent holes or rips.
Long-lasting colours to keep your design looking like new for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production time of our custom ankle socks?

We’re just as excited as you are about your order. Once you fill out the order form, our design team will send a design board to you within 24 hours. Then, when we agree on a design, the production happens.

Production, including delivery time, is a mere 10 – 14 days.

What are the minimums for my custom ankle socks order?

Ordering custom ankle socks in bulk is the best way to save money on your purchase. When you order from us, the minimum quantity is 100 pairs. The more socks that you order, the more you’ll save.

If you want to order more than 1,500 pairs, we ask that you contact us for pricing details.

What can I change in my brand new custom ankle socks?

When you contact us to order custom ankle socks in bulk, you’re able to upload your logo and choose your brand’s colors. Our design team will create a design board for you with 6 – 8 designs that we’re sure you’ll love.

We’ll send you the no-obligation design board in 24 hours, and you can request revisions so that the design matches your needs perfectly.

How to care for your custom ankle socks?

If your socks are falling apart, lose their fit or have had their color fade, there’s a good chance that you’re not caring for them properly. You should wash your socks inside out and on cold. Heat will damage your socks and cause the design to fade.

Ideally, you’ll hang dry your socks and never iron them.

If you must put your socks in the dryer, ensure that the unit is on the lowest heat setting possible. Proper care can extend the lifespan of your socks.

Will your custom ankle socks fit me?

Yes. If you’re an adult with an average-sized foot, our custom ankle socks will fit you well. Our socks are made with a one-size-fits-most approach. Typically, our socks fit the following foot ranges best:

  • 6 – 10
  • 9 – 12

And with our rib stitching, you can be confident that your socks will stay in place throughout the entire day.


Get Your Custom Socks Today

Sending us your ankle socks bulk order is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out our online form. This includes sending us your logo/design and colours.
  • Let us know how many socks you wish to order.
  • We’ll send you 6 – 8 designs for you to review.
  • Choose your favourite design.
  • We put your custom socks into production.
  • Get your order in 10 – 14 days.

Are you looking for a pair of custom socks? Submit your order today to start the process.

Sock Specs

1. Rib Stitching
You’re socks are staying in one place

2. Super High Quality
Combed Cotton

3. Reinforced Heel
and Toe

Built to withstand the long day

4. 200 Needle

80% Combed Cotton
17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

Produced from the best combed cotton

Our ALL-IN pricing is simple
and includes:

Beautifully designed

Beautifully designed
custom sock boards

Custom labeling

Custom labeling
on sock

Free shipping

Free shipping