Custom Fuzzy Socks

Custom fuzzy socks that make your feet happy. Our personalized socks are both comfortable and durable, making them the perfect gift or treat for yourself. In addition, we make it easy to design and create your own custom fuzzy socks with the help of design professionals.

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How We Create Our Fuzzy Custom Socks

Our custom fuzzy socks are comfortable, durable and fun to wear. We create every pair with love and construct our socks with comfort and beauty in mind.

Each pair features:

✔️ 200-needle construction for long-lasting comfort

✔️ Ribbed stitching to keep your socks in place, even when you’re on the go

✔️ Reinforced heels and toes for extra support and comfort

Careful construction means that our socks will give you plenty of use.

High-Quality Materials

We want our socks to be durable and provide long-lasting comfort. That's why we use the highest quality materials when creating our fuzzy socks. Our combed cotton blend is ultra-soft, fuzzy and breathable for maximum comfort. We also blend in other materials to provide extra flexibility and durability.

Our sock blend consists of:

  • ✔️ 80% combed cotton
  • ✔️ 17% polyamide
  • ✔️ % elastane

Custom Made Fuzzy Socks Benefits

There are so many reasons to choose our custom fuzzy socks.

A Truly Custom Design

Our socks are truly customizable. Once you place an order, our team will create a design board for you to review. Choose the design you love (with unlimited free revisions), and we’ll get right to work.

Our design process allows you to choose:

  • Colors
  • Logos or patterns
  • Sock style

Create socks that are truly personal and customized to your liking.


Our fuzzy socks are just as comfortable as they are beautiful. Each pair is lovingly crafted with an ultra-plush combed cotton blend that feels like you’re walking on a cloud.

The reinforced heel and toe add extra cushioning and support for all-day comfort.

Highly Durable

Our cozy socks feature a durable design that will give you years of use with proper care. We achieve a high level of durability through:

  • 200-needle construction for lasting strength
  • Adding polyamide and elastane to our combed cotton blend

We construct each pair of socks with durability in mind so that you get plenty of use when purchasing our socks.

Buy Our Fuzzy Socks in Bulk to Save

We have a low minimum order of 100 pairs when purchasing our custom socks. But when you buy fuzzy socks in bulk, you save.

We offer discounts for larger order numbers up to 1,000 pairs. If you need to order 1,500 pairs or more, please contact us first.

Easy Care

Our socks are easy to care for and maintain.

  • Wash inside out and in cold water
  • Use gentle detergents
  • Hang dry

That’s all it takes to keep your socks looking their best.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Production Time of Our Custom Fuzzy Socks?

Need your custom fuzzy socks quickly? We can have your order to your doorstep in as little as 10-14 days. Our streamlined design and production process allows us to ship out our socks as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve chosen a design, we get straight to work getting your order ready for shipping.

What Are the Minimums for My Custom Fuzzy Socks Order?

When ordering your custom fuzzy socks in bulk, we require a minimum of 100 pairs. Our minimum is low compared to other wholesalers, making our socks more accessible to customers.

We also offer special pricing for larger orders. The larger the order, the more you can save. However, we do ask that you contact us first if you need to order 1,500 or more pairs.

What Can I Change in My Brand New Custom Socks?

Our socks are made to be customized to your liking. Feel free to change anything you want when designing your socks.

  • Add a pattern or logo for your design
  • Change the colors
  • Choose a sock style
  • Add your own custom tag

Our team will help with the customization process. In as little as 24 hours, we’ll send over a design board with 6-8 designs. Choose one that you love, or send it back for revisions. We offer unlimited free design revisions.

How to Care for Your Custom Socks?

Our socks feature a 200-needle construction and combed cotton blend. They’re durable and comfortable, but like any other pair of quality socks, they need proper care. With the right care, your socks will give you years of use.

Here’s how to care for your socks:

  • Use mild detergents and avoid using bleach.
  • Wash in cool or cold water. Hot water can damage the combed cotton material.
  • Hang dry your socks. The heat from your dryer can damage your socks, but if you must tumble dry, use the lowest heat setting possible.
  • To keep your socks in pairs, fold them together instead of rolling them.

Because heat can be damaging, it’s also important to avoid ironing your socks.

Will Your Custom Socks Fit Me?

Our fuzzy socks fit most adults. They come in a one-size-fits-most design that covers four size ranges (e.g. 6-10). However, we are happy to create socks in any size if needed. If you’re worried about the fit of your custom socks, contact us to discuss your needs.

Need Custom Made Fuzzy Socks In Bulk? Make An Order Online!

Want to buy our custom fuzzy socks? Place your order online today to purchase our fuzzy socks wholesale. All of our socks are made in the USA, personalized and custom printed just for you.

Sock Specs

1. Rib Stitching
You’re socks are staying in one place

2. Super High Quality
Combed Cotton

3. Reinforced Heel
and Toe

Built to withstand the long day

4. 200 Needle

80% Combed Cotton
17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

Produced from the best combed cotton

Our ALL-IN pricing is simple
and includes:

Beautifully designed

Beautifully designed custom sock boards

Custom labeling

Custom labeling on sock

Free shipping

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