Why Custom Socks are the Perfect Tradeshow Swag

If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow before you know how important it is to have some cool giveaways to hand out. Tradeshow swag brings more people to your booth and helps prospects remember you after the show is over.

While many companies hand out boring items like pens and notepads, if you really want to set yourself apart, you need to have something a little more exciting for potential customers. If you’re wondering what type of swag you should bring with you to your next show, consider creating some eye-catching custom socks to draw people’s attention.

Here are four reasons why custom socks are the perfect tradeshow swag.

Custom Socks Provide Lots of Branding Opportunities

If you’ve ever tried to fit your logo onto a pen you know how frustrating it can be to create something cool and unique on such a small canvas. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are using promotional socks to get their message across.

Socks provide lots of room to create a design that will really catch people’s attention. This extra space allows you to include additional colours and artwork that will help build your brand.

Everybody Wears Socks

It can be tough trying to find tradeshow swag that all of your visitors will like and use. Everyone has different tastes and some items just don’t jive with a person’s particular style. This is why custom socks are so great.

Everybody wears socks, which makes them the perfect giveaway. No matter who comes to your booth, you know they could probably use a new pair of socks. When you have a giveaway that appeals to such a broad group of people you’re going to have more potential customers coming to your booth.

One Size Fits Most People

When it comes to giving away clothing items, sizing can be a real issue. You have no way of knowing how many of each size you’re going to need. This often means you end up ordering too much of one size and not enough of another. There’s nothing worse than someone coming to your booth to get a t-shirt only to learn you ran out of their size.

This isn’t a problem with socks. Most socks fit most people, so one size is really all you need. This is especially true for custom knee-high socks which will fit virtually anyone. So, you’ll never have to worry about running out of a particular size halfway through an event.

Custom Socks are Fun

Have you ever felt the need to show off the cool notepad someone gave you at a trade show? Probably not. Most giveaways are pretty forgettable and end up stuffed away in someone’s closet or thrown away.

If you’re going to give away swag at a tradeshow, you want it to be something cool that’s going to create a buzz. This is why branded socks are such great giveaways. People love a really fun pair of socks and will be eager to wear them and show them off at the event. Not only will this lead to more people coming to your booth, but it will also help them remember you long after the event has ended.

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